When a man called to report a domestic disturbance, the polic
e arrived and accused him of being the aggressor. They threatened
to arrest him if he did not sign a waiver of prosecution
against the other party. When he refused to do so, the arresting officer
accused him of DWI, even though the man was never even driving.
The officer failed to read the man the implied consent warning and didn't
even offer him a chance to take a breath test, but still charged him
with a DWI and gave him notice of a one year revocation of his
driving privileges for refusing to blow. Our office quickly stepped
in and filed a petition to review the refusal revocation and entered
on his criminal case. After thoroughly reviewing the police
report and videos of the arrest, we were able to win his license case
straight out and argue with opposing counsel to get his DWI charge
fully dismissed.


A CDL driver kept his license and we had his DWI dismissed when our
paralegals and attorneys reviewed the police report & video revealing
that the officer did not administer the breath test properly. On the stand
under our attorney's questioning, the officer admitted to his mistakes in
open court, and the ruling was made quickly in our favor. This
professional truck driver not only kept his job, but also his
perfect driving record.


When a woman was stopped for failing to use her blinker on a turn,
she was given field sobriety tests and was arrested. After reviewing
video of her stop, we determined that she had, in fact, used
her blinker on the turn and filed a motion to suppress on her behalf.
The judge ruled in our favor and all of the evidence from the entire
stop was thrown out.


Our client was facing state charges for DWI and child endangerment
after being pulled over for a domestic dispute with her sister
in a county outside of the St. Louis metro area. After investigating
the case, we filed a motion to exclude the breath test results.
Before the motion hearing coud be held, the prosecutor's office
contacted us offering to dismiss the DWI charge.


DISMISSAL-When our client was arrested in a southwest Missouri
municipality for DWI and possession of paraphernalia with a BAC over
the legal limit, our attorneys investigated the case and convinced
the Prosecuting Attorney to completely dismiss the DWI charge
after finding that the breath test machine was improperly maintained.


A man with a mild form of a common neurological condition was
pulled over late one night and admitted to the officer he had
consumed some beer much earlier in the evening. We successfully
argued that his condition affected his performance on the Standard
Field Sobriety Tests. His DWI charges in the state court were
dismissed. We also saved him from a 90 day suspension
and his record is spotless.


When a Police Officer from a St. Louis County Municipality was
arrested on DWI after driving on the wrong side of a busy highway,
the arresting officers and Prosecutor were ready to make an
example of him. We were able to successfully negotiate an
unsupervised probation for the officer.


A man facing a one-year revocation of his driving privileges for
refusing to submit to a breathalyzer test and accused of having
two prior DWIs was able to keep his full driver's license after we
successfully proved that the man was denied his rights to speak
with an attorney before making a decision about whether
or not to blow.


A nurse with asthma was facing a one-year revocation of her
license for refusing to submit to a breath test after failing to
successfully give a breath sample. After attacking the validity
of the refusal, we were able to secure an offer to have the
refusal revocation thrown out.


A Local Laborer Has Entire DWI Case Dismissed In South County and Keeps License. Just like the 2nd DWI fellow above in NORTH County, the officer must properly execute all aspects of a DWI stop. Here, the officer DID NOT. Many officers have made up their mind about a DWI stop once they get so far in. So, even if s/he doesn't like what they find out about 10-20 minutes into the stop, WELL, they just keep proceeding with issuing a DWI. Only attorneys that KNOW what the officer is SUPPOSED to know can tell when a DWI stop changes from right to wrong.


Gentleman with a second DWI in a North County Municipality
-- DISMISSED. The officer had no probable cause and conducted all
aspects of the field sobriety tests and the breathalizer
test erroneously. Only attorneys that know how to properly
review police reports and your recollection of events can
reveal every possible argument for the BEST outcome.
Many attorneys may have put this guy on a two-year probation
because they didn't understand the law, facts, and circumstances.
The original traffic stop must be for a legal reason and the officer
must be properly trained. This means your lawyers
MUST KNOW what police officers are SUPPOSED to know.

A local restaurant employee was facing felony DWI charges as a prior and persistent offender in Missouri's Circuit Court. However, we (DidYouBlow.com/DWI Center) had one of his priors thrown out, resulting in his charges being dropped to a B misdemeanor. Later and Finally, we succeeded in having even his misdemeanor charge dismissed. The prosecution must abide by rules and laws just like defendants and we make sure that they do. The judge sided with us and the defendant at every turn -- this doesn't always happen, but that is why we have it here on this website; it was very impressive.

A North Municipality DWI case was pled down to a traffic violation when we were able to successfully argue that the officer did not have probable cause for the arrest.

A client arrested on the I-70 corridor was able to keep his license and avoid a DWI conviction after we proved that the breath test was improperly administered.

A metro west 2nd DWI was pled down to a traffic violation and the defendant was able to keep his license when we showed that the breath test was conducted improperly and showed that the field sobriety results were inaccurate.

A man was approached by the police after a single-car accident on I-70. The man submitted to the eye test but then refused all others. In a deposition of the officer, we were able to determine that he had not administered the eye test properly. As a result of our findings and negotiations, the prosecution dismissed the DWI charge. We were also able to win his license hearing.

When an officer encountered a man changing his tire on the side of the road and requested that he submit to field sobriety testing. The man refused and the officer arrested him for DWI. At trial, we were able to successfully prove to the court that there was no evidence that the man had ever been driving. Because of this, the man was able to keep his license.


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for assisting me in this matter with such urgency. The service I received was, for lack of better words, top notch. I have needs in the near future that I will be sending your way because of this. Thanks again"

Nathan M.

When a successful County businessman was arrested for a second DWI, we were able to identify a number of inconsistencies in his police report and successfully negotiated an outcome with the Prosecuting Attorney that allowed our Client to avoid a conviction.

An active military serviceman was faced with a DWI, we used the strengths in our case to have his charge amended to a lesser violation. Now he will not have a DWI conviction on his record and avoid having any negative impact on his military service.

A police officer pulled over a successful metro-west man with an extremely high BAC and a prior on his record. When we deposed the officer we discovered that the officer's police report was based heavily upon notes that he had written on the palm of his own hand and were highly unreliable. We used this information to negotiate an outcome with the prosecuting attorney that allowed our client to avoid a conviction.

In a Southern Missouri county, a married mom was stopped while driving home from a get together and arrested for DWI. We investigated and found that the maintenance on the breath test machine was out of date and her DWI charge was dismissed by the prosecuting attorney.

A north county municipality police officer arrested one of our clients for DWI and violated a number of his rights. When we reviewed the report, we found that it was fraught with inconsistencies and was even incomplete in some sections. The charges against our client were dismissed.

A small metro west municipality charged our client with failure to signal turn and DWI. After reviewing the police report, we found that the officer never even alleged that the defendant failed to signal, and that he was refused an opportunity to contact an attorney. As a result, the DWI was amended to a stop sign violation and the other charge was dismissed.

A CDL holder with a prior DWI from 1984 was charged with DWI after an officer saw him drink one beer at a bar and then drive one block to his house. Based on the facts of the case, we were successful in having his DWI charge reduced to a lesser violation.

A metro west man was pulled over drinking and driving and was facing a DWI charge. Through careful research and investigation, we were able to find that the officer who observed the man before his breath test did not have a proper permit. Because of this, the DWI charge was reduced and our client avoided a conviction.

One of our clients contacted us after failing to take care of a DWI charge more than ten years ago. After taking on the case, we were able to find a number of inconsistencies in the report and have the matter reduced to a lesser violation.

A man was pulled over and arrested in a south eastern Missouri community after failing field sobriety tests. The arresting officer ignored the fact that the man did not speak English and couldn't understand the instructions. Because of this, we were able to negotiate an outcome with the prosecutor, who reduced the DWI to a lesser charge.

A boater on the Missouri River was stopped by police for boating with his docking lights on. The officer felt the boater was acting funny, so he made the boater submit to a series of field sobriety tests while on the deck of the boat even though the boater had only had two beers much earlier in the evening. After reviewing the report, our office realized the evidence didn't support the charge, so we outlined our arguments to the prosecuting attorney and argued tirelessly for the right outcome for our client. In the end, the BWI charge was dismissed.

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