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Our experienced attorneys are known and respected throughout the area. Lead attorney, Michael Carter, has been interviewed by a number of news stations and is a weekly guest on radio shows where he discusses Politics, Government, DWI, Felony, Misdemeanor, other legal matters and their consequences

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Our Team of attorneys and support staff has vast knowledge and experience in the area of DWI law. More importantly we have a healthy respect for the importance of these cases and put great emphasis on treating our DWI clients as if they were dear friends or family members. We work your case from top to bottom and involve you in the process. Even if you do not choose to push your case all the way to jury trial, you will know all of your options and make very informed decisions all along the way. We leave no stone unturned; one of our partners (former judge) fought his own bad DWI all the way through a jury trial and was found innocent in 9 minutes. We know how worrisome a DWI can be.

Driving While Suspended or Revoked is a much more serious charge than many people realize. Simply pleading guilty to such a charge will result in a one year revocation of your license, 12 points on your driving record, and can even require mandatory jail time. In many cases, we can help you have your DWS/DWR charges amended so that you can avoid the points, the one-year revocation, and spending any time in jail. Driving While Suspended charges can be even more problematic when the original suspension was alcohol or drug related. Visit our Driving While Suspended page on our sister website for more information.

We know that Music concerts, float trips, house parties and other like-kind adventures often end with charges like "minor in possession of alcohol,""possession of marijuana/paraphernalia" and other seemingly lower level crimes. Traffic Law Counselors® deals with these on a routine basis. You never want to simply pay one of these tickets. In fact, we cringe when we hear some attorneys act as though a municipal charge like those mentioned won't really affect your record. This is simply not the case. You don't want to risk your financial aide for school, getting a job as an EMT/nurse, or simply applying for a babysitting position. Call Traffic Law Counselors® 314-895-4040

Do you have a lengthy driving record, or did you just plead guilty on a traffic charge, not realizing how negatively it would affect you? If so, there's a good chance we can help. Sometimes, old convictions can be taken off your record. Similarly, a new guilty plea can frequently be withdrawn and the points taken off your record. Additionally, some DWI laws in Missouri allow people with lengthy alcohol-related suspensions to apply to the court for Limited Driving Privileges. We handle these all the time. Call our office to see if one of these services could benefit you. 314-895-4040

We get Warrants Recalled all the time. Warrants can be a real issue if you possibly forgot to pay a traffic ticket or simply have an alleged new charge against you that starts with a bond/warrant requirement. Traffic Law Counselors® has relationships with the 100 + courts in the St. Louis/Charles/Lincoln/Jefferson metro area that allow us to expedite the process of having your WARRANT RECALLED. This can be a very nice and convenient attorney service considering that most often you will not have to go through the arrest and booking processes. Often times clients get a hold of us just before the weekend because they don't want get picked up when courts are closed and judges aren't available. If you can help it, don't wait because it can be harder on Fridays for us to get your WARRANT QUASHED. Call us if you need a Warrant recalled 314-895-4040

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